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Assessment and Reporting

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Assessment informs all teaching and learning programs, and student learning outcomes are recorded and reported to families. Students are guided through a continous cycle of goal setting and review as they develop as independent and inter dependent learners. Students receive regular and explicit feedback on all aspects of their work-process and product.

At Sacred Heart School, students receive a written report each semester. These are complemented by formal student led three way interviews for older students and parent teacher discussions for younger classes. Families and teachers stay in close contact throughout the year. Learning is closely monitored.

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Philosophy of Learning



All children can learn. At Sacred Heart we welcome all students and journey alongside them. We validate students for who they are and guide them towards responsible citizenship, aware of their many needs and interests. We aim to grow students in goodness, skilling them to stay in the local community, to move away and most importantly to have the choice.

At Sacred Heart School, everyone belongs.

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