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The following names are the current staff members at Sacred Heart School for 2023.

Principal: Justine Goonan

Religious Education Leader: Justine Goonan

Admin & Finance Officer: Kasie Jarvis

Admin: Shontelle Green

Parish  Priest: Fr. Junjun Amaya


Foundation/1: Amy Whitehead

Year 2/3/4: Matthew Barlee

Year 5/6: Celeste Oliver/Kaysie Stephens

Specialist: Amy Lockwood 

Support Staff:

Diane Walton - Librarian / Education Support.

Maryann Leonard - Education Support

Sophie Greenhill -  Education Support

Spencer Weeks - Education Support

Lisa Pilli - Education Support




Other Staff:

Leeanne Maguire - School Cleaner / School Crossing Guard.